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Dear Rick Ungar: You’re Being Too Polite to Ron Paul

In his recent article in Mother Jones, The Gaping Hole in Ron Paul’s Health Care Policy, Rick Ungar does a very good job of breaking down the problems with health care in a Ron Paul world.

The author has a great ability to work through the BS, even though common sense points to the inevitable conclusion from the beginning.

It’s like someone teasing out the finer points with someone suggesting gravity doesn’t exist. Drilling through point by point, then proving that gravity indeed, does exist, rather than starting out, “Are you freaking crazy?” and hoping the idiots would simply wake the freak up.

Of course, my problem with this very polite analysis is that it assumes that a great many of Ron Paul followers aren’t simply a bunch of freaking liars.

You see, I believe there is a LARGE core of Paulites / Libertarians who understand, going in, everything in this article. They KNOW that their new world will be a horror movie for most people – but they figure they’ll come out on top while having no concern for what will happen to the others. (remembering the cheers at the debate)

The only thing, however, is they have to ‘sell’ the plan for their personal gain onto the people who will be paying the price for their gain. (this is why they detest Democratic voting systems) And that’s where the fantasy world / lying comes in.

I don’t respect liars.  That’s why I don’t give Paulites the respect they want.

I think treating them with respect only legitimizes and fuels them, because using their ever-creative minds, they’ll poke little holes in the argument (see the comments below the article) and so we go round and round arguing something we already know to be false.

We don’t have the time for fantasies.  We need real world solutions and they’re out there, but we have to live in the real world to deal with them, not the world of Ron Paul.

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