How a Rush Limbaugh Fan became a liberal


I’ve noticed that while wanting to record the trials of getting this website running, WordPress has been mixing in those posts with the political content.  To fix that, I will instead put them HERE, and make it a very long single page which most reasonable people won’t read.  The posts will appear in reverse order, i.e.: most recent on top.

April 23, 2010

Sorry, still struggling with WordPress and this template

Don’t let the title mislead you.  I LOVE WordPress, even with it’s wanting to ‘think’ for you and take out extra space, etc.

But currently, I’m looking at the website and seeing how CRAPPY it looks, feel SORRY for the time I’ve spent messing around with trying to get this damn template to work.

FYI, the pain-in-the-ass template in question was created by the WordPress Theme Generator. I suppose it’s good for a start, but be prepared to spend hours and hours catching the little mistakes embedded in the code, and then even MORE time trying to de-code some of the most obscurely written lines of CSS I’ve ever seen.

So after throwing my hands up, I’m trashing the WordPress Theme Generator.  (get the picture?).  Expect to see a new theme soon…

April 5, 2010

After a LONG time, I’ve decided to ‘activate’ my website.

The reason I’ve procrastinated so long was that ultimately, there is so MUCH I want to put up on the website.  I originally didn’t want to make this a “blog” about thing happening today, etc., rather a more ideological, essay driven site.

But, having two sons and a feverish video game habit, I’ve found that I simply didn’t have time (nor the cathartic need) to virtually write a book and not making any money on it.

But as I’ve been writing so much on other websites, I’ve decided I should at least catalog them here, on my own website!

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