How a Rush Limbaugh Fan became a liberal


This is now the official website of “The Former Ditto Head”.

The purpose of this website is to provide a central repository of the ideas, experiences, conclusions, and opinions of a man who was an avid right wing talk radio fan, and through a series of events became a liberal.

I have come to many conclusions which the today’s right wing would deny, because one of those conclusions is that the basic foundations of the modern conservative ideology is a series of LIES.

Don’t believe that you could be brainwashed? I didn’t think I was.  But through the journal of my own experiences, I hope you open your mind up to how a reasonable person could be right wing (in spite of what many liberals claim) and then grow to understand that most of what is referred to as “conservative” is a well coordinated, well financed LIE which is promoted in order to benefit the very few at the expense of the many.

Don’t believe I can prove it?  Let’s see about that.

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