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What OWS wants – in one sentence…

I think that it’s a great strategy of Occupy Wall Street or “OWS” that they don’t have an easily read list of demands.

Weeks ago, at the time of this writing, it was clearly stated that the reason WHY there was no “list of demands”.  It was that if there was some simple list, whatever action(s) that the protesters demanded would then be taken up by the very same people who Wall Street controls, and that’s half the problem.

But the question remains.  People in the media are looking for anything to attack the enemies of their owners and so are now attacking OWS’s lack of specifics to paint them as not really knowing what they (we) want.

But we DO know what we are protesting, and here it is in ONE SENTENCE:

The current situation doesn’t work for the 99%, and the current SYSTEM doesn’t get us to where it does.

I think I can also speak for much of OWS in that we really don’t care how we get to the point where things DO work for the 99%, and so we can hash those details out.  I think it’s fair, however, to say that the current “Republicans want a fantasy world and the Democrats say they can’t do anything because of the Republicans” simply isn’t getting us anywhere.

In the meantime, for those who think OWS doesn’t know what they want, I offer this:

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