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BradBlog NAILS Tuesday Primary and the Media Spin

Brad Friedman in his great blog, The Brad Blog, does a better job than I can to put this last Tuesday’s primary in perspective. Brad debunks the spin that’s been spoon fed to and regurgitated by the media about this being some kind of Tea Party victory.

You may want to bookmark his article: Super-ish Tuesday: Tale of the Turnout

Brad Friedman does a state by state analysis clearing showing that the results from May 18th were NOT some kind of right wing uprising, rather, an extension of the progressive movement which started in 2006.

I think Brad’s point about Kentucky’s primary was spot on:

While the Republican Rand Paul v. Trey Grayson race received, hands down, the most publicity nationally, Paul would actually have come in third place had the race been an open contest between all candidates, as both of the two leading Democratic candidates Jack Conway and Daniel Mongiardo each received more votes than Paul.

Much more in his article.

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